Manager Hotline for CEAC Members

For Employment Law Consulting to Management

A CEAC benefit provided Scott & Whitehead of Newport Beach, California. The hotline offers members information on various topics such as;

  • Disability Issues
  • Drug and Alcohol Policies
  • Harassment
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Meal and Rest Periods
  • Pregnancy Leave
  • Termination
  • Wage and Hour
  • And others!

The Employer Hotline offers a call with an Attorney for up to 15 minutes per call at no charge to the member.  A limit of 2 calls per month, and 12 per year, per member.  Members will be required to share their location by Regions 1 through 8.  See “Find an EAC” within the website, if you are not sure of your Region location. You can visit here: Find My Region.

The Employer Hotline will include a phone call only, not document review.  There are more than 3 attorney’s participating in the Employer Hotline benefit.  Services began January 2nd, 2020.

Anita York, Scott & Whitehead, 4675 MacArthur Court, Suite 1240, Newport Beach, California 92660, Tel: 949-222-0166*

*Inquiries are handled as soon as possible, generally within one business day.

Conflict Resolution Help Line

For any workplace relationship, conflict, communication or behavior issues

A 2018 addition to our many benefits is Team Conflict Resolution for Management.  A CEAC Service provided by Carol Marzouk of Leadership ‘N’ Soul, a bilingual behavior strategist and workplace relationships expert.  The helpline offers members the opportunity to work through some of the following types of issues:

  • Resolving interpersonal and group conflict
  • Understanding difficult people, how to work with them, and influencing them authentically
  • Communicating without burning bridges
  • Moving from a dysfunctional team to a high performing, high functioning team
  • Managing anger, setbacks, frustration, and stress
  • Executing effectively and moving forward with differing opinions
  • Creating a culture by design instead of having a culture by default

About Carol

Carol Marzouk is the bilingual behavior strategist and workplace relationship coach for corporations and non-profits whose company has come to be known as “Therapy for Corporate”.  She is a first generation college graduate who is passionate about helping people managers understand how to reignite the flame in disengaged employees.  Often called “insightful” and “intuitive”, Carol is comfortable with asking the tough questions and will ensure that leaders and teams get to the heart of the matter while having fun and building their relationship back.  She is known for using unconventional methods to get real results and helps clients take immediate action.

Carol received her B.S. in Psychology from UCLA.  She has also received her Executive Coaching Certification from the ICF accredited, Center for Executive Coaching, her Coaching Executive Leaders Certification and Organizational Development Certification from DePaul University, Life Coaching Certification from the Alan Cohen Group, DISC Certification from Trainsmart, and is certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.


Carol Marzouk Bio

LnS Offerings and Options 2018

CEAC Member Benefit Flyer

Discounted Seminar Fees

Members receive a discount for local EAC seminars on topics such as labor law, human resources, and workers’ compensation to name a few.

Employment Development Department (EDD) Connection

Have a voice in EDD procedure and policy through a direct link to EDD’s management. Save time and money by learning better ways to use EDD’s recruiting, interviewing, and placement services.

Legal Updates from the CEAC

Stay current with changes in employment law through legal updates from the CEAC.

Compliance Poster Company

CEAC has partnered with the Compliance Poster Company to provide EAC members with a 20% discount on all compliance posters. In order to get the discount, contact Sean Viramontes at 800-817-7678 ext. 313 and tell him what EAC you are affiliated with as well as what items you would like to purchase. You must talk to Sean to get 20 percent off the retail price of Compliance Poster Company products.

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