About Us

Who Is CEAC ?

The California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) is your connection to employment and workforce development information. The CEAC has been in partnership with the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) since 1980. As the nonprofit, statewide umbrella organization for local Employer Advisory Councils (EACs), the CEAC:
  • Provides low-cost, timely seminars on topics such as employment law, workforce development, and human resource practices through the local EACs.
  • Works with the EDD to promote regulations, policies, and procedures that are business friendly.
  • Provides links between employers, EACs, and the EDD at the local and state level.
  • Notifies employers about pending legislation that may impact them.
  • Provides employer representation on state-level panels, boards, and advisory groups.
The CEAC is organized into eight geographic regions, each represented by a regional vice president (RVP). The RVPs provide the connection to the local EACs and CEAC. The CEAC board consists of four executive officers (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary), eight RVPs, appointed committee chairpersons, and the CEAC Coordinator from the EDD.
The CEAC is affiliated with organizations such as the California Chamber of Commerce, the EDD Small Business Employer Advisory Committee and Labor Market Information Advisory Group, and Governor’s Small Business Advocate’s Office, and others.
The CEAC and the EDD co-sponsor an annual conference that brings together the EACs located throughout the state. The conference features keynote speakers and workshops covering valuable information that can help you succeed.

Employer Advisory Councils

The EACs are run by volunteers from the local employer community who represent a wide variety of industries. Each EAC is assigned a local EDD staff person who assists with the operations of the EAC and promotes EDD programs and services. Access and outreach to employers by way of the EACs helps the EDD identify ways to improve its services while employers gain greater awareness of EDD services.
The EACs also support local workforce development efforts, sponsor veterans’ outreach programs, and provide scholarships to local youth