Veteran Activities and Undertakings

Business Employers.  A special thank you for providing employment opportunities for our job seeking Veterans. Veterans bring many skillsets to the business such as showing up to work and on time, many have been trained at great institutions and know the value of loyalty and dedication. Please remember that we can offer many incentives including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the County of Riverside’s OJT (On the Job Training) program.

Veterans. You are welcomed at the Riverside Workforce Development Center. The address is 1325 Spruce Street, Riverside, CA. The main phone line is 951.955.3100. Besides the Veteran’s Orientation Workshop, which explains among other topics, employment, unemployment, Medical, Housing and Education we also conduct other workshops. A popular one is the Military Veterans Networking (Vet-Net) Job Club Workshop, which may include inviting guest speakers such as Business Employers.








Winner of the 2016 California Employer Advisory Council – Veterans Employer of the Year Award is Mr. Richard Trammell and his Local Veterans Employer Representative who nominated him is GySgt Ben Esparza, USMC, Retired.

Winner of the 2017 Veterans Committee is the Hemet/Temecula Employer Advisory Council, Veteran Representative, Ben Esparza.

Winner of the 2018 California Employer Advisory Council- Veterans Employer of the Year is Miss Melissa James and her Local Veterans Employer Representative, GySgt Ben Esparza, Retired.