EAC Development Program

Formerly known as the Adopt-An-EAC Program, the EAC Development Program provides financial and mentoring assistance to EACs.

An EAC needing assistance through the EAC Development Program must fill out an application form. Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) are the principal point of contact for local EACs within their region and the CEAC. The RVP must identify the EACs in need of assistance and the EACs which can provide assistance. The RVP will assist in arranging for a mentor EAC to help an EAC in need. These mentor services include assistance with:

  • Membership campaign
  • Recruiting board members
  • Marketing
  • Seminar planning

The CEAC may provide financial support with the following:

  • CEAC dues
  • Conference Registration
  • Operating/Startup Loan

Process Outline:

  1. RVPs publicize the program so that EACs can ask for help
  2. RVPs stay current on health of EACs in their regions
    1. Current dues paid up
    2. Membership numbers
    3. Frequency of and attendance at seminars, other events
    4. Governance structures in place and stable(Boards/Steering Committees)
    5. EAC Coordinator on board and available
(note: the types of assistance needed are general rather than detailed, in order to give RVPs room to be creative in both identifying areas of need and developing local solutions.)
  1. Cash
  2. Membership building
  3. Organizational structure
  4. Board training
  5. Event planning (speakers, locations, etc.)
  6. Other
  1. Cash need:
    1. RVP will determine whether other EACs in the region can offer financial assistance
  2. Need for other expertise:
    1. Pair with a healthier neighboring EAC, if available
    2. RVP personally meet with Chair or committee to evaluate needs, offer advice
  1. RVP assists EAC to make request to CEAC
  2. CEAC maintains small standing committee to evaluate/act on requests
  3. Cash requests:
    1. Request for assistance must demonstrate need
    2. CEAC may waive dues
      1. Dues may be waived for maximum two years
      2. Second-year waiver dependent on verifiable progress during first year
    3. CEAC may grant or loan money for a specific use (facility rental or speaker fee for a seminar; or forgive conference registration, for instance)
      1. Amount should not exceed the equivalent of two years’ dues
      2. Proposed expense must be clearly in line with EAC’s improvement objectives
  4. Non-cash requests
    1. Committee will develop and maintain a list of EACs interested in mentoring other EACs
      1. RVPs should recruit potential mentors
    2. Match up EAC requesting assistance with a mentor EAC. Look for a mentor with at least one of the following:
      1. Similar employer bases (agriculture, urban, etc.)
      2. Similar history (struggle, recovery, growth)

Financial aid can come from two sources:

  • Other EACs in the region
  • EAC Development Program
An application form for financial assistance or mentoring assistance must be filled out and sent to the CEAC Coordinator, EDD Marketing and Constituent Services, 800 Capitol Mall MIC 84, Sacramento, CA 95814.