Our Mission

CEAC Mission

The California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) and local Employer Advisory Councils (EAC) will be generally recognized and accepted by employers and government as the premier information resources for the employer perspective on employment and other workforce development issues. At the state level, the CEAC will develop and maintain mutually beneficial and close working partnerships with government agencies that have the authority to effect change in employment and other workforce development areas, and will be generally recognized and accepted as the most credible and effective voice for employers within these areas. Additionally, CEAC will develop and maintain close working relationships with local Employer Advisory Councils (EAC) and be accepted and recognized by employers as their most effective advocate with state government.

Strategic Goals

  • The CEAC, through its partnerships with state agencies, will seek out opportunities to participate in a variety of venues in which existing and potential government partners desire to know the employer’s perspective on policy and matters of law, that will, are, or have a potential to affect employers. Additionally, the CEAC will maintain regular contact with government officials and, when appropriate, provide them with unsolicited information regarding the impact on employers of matters within the responsibility of their agency. The CEAC will work with these agencies to facilitate mutually acceptable change.
  • The CEAC will work closely with local EACs to provide them with the training, information, and other services that will facilitate their development as the premier employment and workforce development information resource within their communities. The CEAC will also provide opportunities to EACs for individual employer members to participate in CEAC established partnerships. These individuals would serve as representatives of the CEAC. Local EAC employer members will also be encouraged to provide the CEAC with information regarding the impact that policy and law, both existing and that being developed, have on their businesses.
  • The CEAC will identify business and professional groups and associations that have a focus and primary interest in areas related to the effective operation of our businesses. The CEAC will offer to partner with them for the purpose of sharing information, employment and other workforce development issues (i.e. Human Resource Management, Workers Compensation, Benefits and Compensation, Occupational Safety and Health).