Our History

CEAC History

The California Employer Advisory Council originated with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in the mid 1970’s. The DOL recognized that state employment agencies needed more effective communication with their employer communities and more direct response to employers’ needs. The DOL initiated a nationwide effort to develop employer advisory committees to serve as “quasi-Boards of Directors” over state employment agencies.
Employer Advisory Groups on a local level had already been established to work with the EDD offices, but it was not until October 1980 that the first “official” statewide meeting was held in Sacramento. The outcome of this meeting resulted in the formation of the California Employers Advisory Committee, later to become the California Employer Council (CEC).
The Employment Development Director at that time appointed a full time EDD staff person to serve as the liaison between the EDD and the CEC. The liaison was titled State Coordinator and was responsible for providing the CEC information on EDD policies and procedures so the CEC in turn could provide feedback and input to the EDD.
The first year of the CEC consisted of creating bylaws and electing permanent officers. It was funded completely through the DOL. Since that time the CEC, which became the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) in 1992, has become self-supporting, with no funding from the DOL or the EDD. It has provided a better representation for an increasing number of EACs throughout the state and continues to develop the working partnership between the EDD and the employer community it serves.
(Special acknowledgements to Janett Spirer, Eloise Tweeten-Alman, Claire Hope and Cal Farmer for providing the above historical information.)