Can I file a claim for State Disability Insurance online?

Coming Soon: SDI Online

Scheduled for implementation this fall 2012, the Employment Development Department (EDD) will launch State Disability Insurance (SDI) Online, an electronic Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave claim filing system for claimants, employers, and physicians/practitioners.

SDI Online offers employers the option to submit claim information online. You will no longer have to mail or fax forms, and will be given a confirmation receipt number once forms are received electronically. An electronic notification is sent when you have correspondence from SDI. The system is interactive, and user-friendly, with a “website style” interface and online help features to guide and assist you in entering accurate and complete information.

Once SDI Online is available, we encourage you and your employees to submit Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave claim information electronically. Benefits to submitting claim information online include:

  • Improved access to services
  • Reduction in claim processing time
  • Electronic confirmation of forms receipt

SDI Online ensures that complete and accurate claim information is submitted, reducing the need for you to validate or obtain additional information. Furthermore, SDI Online protects claimant information and the DI fund through fraud detection and management.

For more information about SDI Online, visit our website at, or call 1-855-342-3645 and press option 1.