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Dear CEAC Members,

As we grow older, we are impacted more and more by the fragile nature of human life. Even though we all know and understand that fragile nature, we are never quite prepared when death does come. To lose a loved one, whether that person be a spouse, child, relative, friend or colleague, is to lose a piece of oneself because those individuals become part of us.

Over the past year, the CEAC family, of which we are all a part, have lost pieces of ourselves with the passing of Cliff Shout, Bill Padgett, Bill Prouty and Doug Gray.

Each of these men greatly contributed to the growth and development of the CEAC. They all worked tirelessly and enthusiastically so that the CEAC could become a better, more relevant organization.

They were each very different in their backgrounds, life experiences, occupations, and abilities. They were all from different parts of the state.  In all likelihood, they never met each other. Yet all four were bonded and linked through their service to the CEAC family and the employers of the State of California.

Despite having full time “day jobs,” each man found time to spend countless hours volunteering for all types of projects, programs, assignments and duties. Each man held multiple positions of authority and leadership in our organization. They represented the very essence of selfless service to others.

So while we are saddened by their passing, we also celebrate their lives and their many accomplishments, both in and outside of our organization. We are all better for having known and worked with them. Any success the CEAC has achieved or hopes to achieve in the future is due in no small measure, to the efforts of these four leaders.

I can think of no better tribute to these men then for all of us to redouble our efforts at making our organization the leading beacon for employers around the State of California.

Farewell Cliff Shout, Bill Padgett, Bill Prouty, and Doug Gray and thank you for your service.  While you will all be sorely missed, none of you will ever be forgotten.

Your President,


William M. Betley