November 12, 2020

Dear EAC members and EDD employees,

The Holidays are fast approaching and I want to check in with everyone and make sure you are healthy and safe. We, at the CEAC, are working extremely hard with the State to keep everything in motion and on track with our EAC boards, members, and EDD coordinators.  It has been announced that the EDD Workforce Services Division has new leaders, Cherilyn Greenlee, Chief for the Southern Division, and Jesse Cuevas Chief for the LA/Costal Region. If you have a chance to speak to either Cherilyn or Jesse, please give them a big Congratulations.

The CEAC board is having monthly meetings to gather the latest information on the pandemic, and new and exciting opportunities for the EACs to put on webinars for our members and board members.  If you have the opportunity, please visit the California Employer Advisory Council website to see the new monthly webinars being conducted. Our “Conflict Resolution Help Line” with Carol Marzouk, and “Employer Hot Line” with Anita York are still highly active and helpful.

To help our EACs, the board has agreed to cut membership dues to the CEAC in HALF for 2021, trying to help with the financial strength of our groups. We have also made arrangements with the hotel in La Quinta, California, to have our Annual Statewide Conference in June 2021, hoping that the pandemic will be gone.  As you can see, the CEAC Board remains active and strong in our pursuit to keep our organization strong. Please contact your CEAC Regional Vice Chairperson if you need any assistance.

Thank you all for your dedication, spirit, and for not letting this pandemic stop all our member activities and this great organization.

Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season.

John Bottari
CEAC President