Hello Everyone,

I’m Tisha Snyder, an HR Manager for Walmart’s First Automated Consolidation Center and I am pleased and honored to accept the position as the CEAC Board President for the 2022-2024 term.

Please join me in congratulating the newly elected Board Members Bill Betley for Vice-President and Lori Devoist for Secretary as well our Continuing Board Members.

The CEAC has a long history with EDD, and we plan to continue our legacy and offer our expertise through our volunteer efforts.

During the Pandemic our low-cost seminars, workshops, benefits, and networking have taken a backseat and we are looking to the future, as we plan a path forward.  Now more than ever our unique services are needed. The EAC’s in the 8 Regions throughout California are run by our local employer community supported by an EDD staff person.

We are Educating Employers for today and tomorrow.  Think about our mission, there is a lot to do but we have the support to do it.

In years past, we have held an Annual Conference where we could come together, network, recognize our EAC’s, our Veteran community and learn. This year, we will still have a Conference, but it will be a virtual conference over 2 days. This will offer us a chance to show the employer community what we have to offer. Through our partnership with EDD, our plan is to increase membership while continuing to serve our EAC’s.

The question I am asked most often is, what motivates you? For me it’s simply making a difference.

I look forward to supporting our 48 EAC’s and the EDD over the next 2 years and making a difference.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you and for this opportunity.