Best Practices From Employer Advisory Councils In California – May 2000


The Best Practices publication was prepared by the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) Coordinator to provide information on effective strategies and practices used by the Employer Advisory Councils (EAC) in California. Best Practices is part of the CEAC’s initiative to offer guidance to members and encourage the exchange of ideas amongst local councils.

Best Practices is a sampling of the successful practices and value-added services offered by employer councils across the state. While some practices may seem similar, they are included because it is instructive to learn how each council approaches and conducts its events and activities. Though methods may vary, the results have met with much success. The variety of subjects and issues addressed, as well as the positive attitude concerning this effort, reinforces the strengths and potential of all EACs in California.


Many people contributed in the preparation of this Best Practices publication. A special thanks to all of the EAC Coordinators who committed to researching and providing the examples of their EAC’s successful practices. Their hard work has resulted in a truly positive tool that will be of tremendous value to the success of California EACs for years to come.

A special thanks to the Employment Development Department’s (EDD) Publication Center and the Marketing and Constituent Services office for their continuous support in producing graphics, reviewing, editing and printing of CEAC and EAC publications.

The EDD, an equal opportunity employer/program, is a partner in this publication. Special requests for alternate formats need to be made by calling the phone number of your local EDD office (listed in the phone directory under “State of California, Employment Development Department”).

South Placer Employer Advisory Council

To increase the membership and attendance at the monthly luncheon meetings, the South Placer Employer Advisory Council began inviting attorneys to speak on various employer-related topics. The result: attendance at the monthly meetings has increased from 20 to 25, to more than 50 at every meeting. “It could be the topics, but similar topics had been spoken on before and the turnout was not like we see it today. Perhaps the idea that attorneys are providing legal advice is what made the topic seem more interesting.”

Anita Lowe — Coordinator

Greater Stockton Employer Advisory Council

The Greater Stockton EAC (GSEAC) believes that its diversity and dedication are the primary reasons for their success. The GSEAC is comprised of employer representatives from small, private enterprises to large corporations who bring years of experience and expertise to the EACs monthly membership meetings, employer seminars, and to the business community at-large.

The GSEAC is dedicated to collaborating on the many issues affecting the employer community and to bring about a referendum on these issues. As a result, the GSEAC is able to launch successful promotions to increase membership and attendance at the meetings, identify new and more professional approaches to announce upcoming events and seminars, and most of all, find creative ways to thank the EAC members for their continued interest and support.

The GSEAC holds regular monthly membership breakfast meetings at 7:30 a.m. on the second Friday of each month. At the close of each meeting, they raffle a prize that is often a book the speaker has written, tickets to a community event, or a gift certificate for attendance at a free breakfast meeting. Other invaluable practices include surveying members and reminder calls prior to the monthly meetings.

As for charitable contributions, the GSEAC underwrites many of the monthly veteran workshop materials and donates to the Youth Employment Opportunity Program at many of the San Joaquin County EDD offices. Cash donations have been given to the local Children’s Home, the Women’s Center, and the Stockton Symphony. Each year during the Christmas holiday season, the GSEAC truly demonstrates the spirit of giving by dispersing toys to deprived children. The GSEAC has found that their community involvement brings about the dedication of their diverse customer base and the recognition as a positive influence within the community.

Dean “Fritz” Turner — Coordinator

Desert Communities Employer Advisory Council

The Desert Communities EAC encourages attendance at their monthly membership meetings by offering door prizes, attendance certificates, and honoring a perfect attendance employer annually. Membership increased when Desert Communities began billing the past year members to renew their membership. The EAC has found that people see greater value in an organization when they have a financial stake in its success. Also, to demonstrate strong support to the EAC, the EDD management team makes it a priority to send at least one staff person and a veteran representative, in addition to the coordinator, to each of the EAC monthly meetings.

Anita Marlowe — Coordinator